Friday, October 24, 2014

Mahar's in Castleton Closed Indefinitely

We're losing Mahar's all over again.

According to an email from owner Jim Mahar, the Castleton location of the popular craft beer bar Mahar's has closed.

"For the past few months, I've been hanging around the Castleton bar. Reading, watching games and old movies, and receiving guests for a pint or two of Ravenshead draft beer," Mahar says in an email. "Since we are about to lose the building, we are selling off all the furniture, decorations, and equipment. My final project is completed - an English Bitter Brewed for the first time in 100 years with Hudson River water."

The email, from September to some loyal customers, goes on to say that the Albany Mahar's Beer Tour (where you earn T-shirts,etc for the more beer your purchase and drink) has been activated at the Allen Street Pub.

"They are carrying a nice selection of draft, cask and bottled beer. If you did not pick up your mug before we closed, you will find it there," Mahar says in the email.

(a shot of the old Mahar's in Albany, from an AOA post)

Meanwhile, the Mahar's website has been turned over to Brennon Cleary who attempted to open a brew pub in Cohoes. Cleary tells me that he wanted to buy the Mahar's building in Castleton but was unable to, so he's planning on a fresh start in Tennessee in the near future.

According to a former Mahar's Public Bar blog: "Mahar's is an internationally known beer bar that was founded in 1989 in Albany, NY by James Mahar. The bar began with a total of 3 draft beers: Bass, Miller Lite, and Genny 12 Horse. The bar hit a high of 54 drafts and 700 bottles at one time later on. As the business progressed, Guinness and Newcastle were added to the mix beginning the dawn of the "beer freaks," an affectionate title. Now the bar has settled into 34 drafts and approximately 150 bottles at a time, both of which rotate constantly to provide a constant variety. Since the opening in 1989, Mahar's added a second location in of Castleton on Hudson, in 2010. Although the new location is not as famous and well known as Albany, Castleton provides a different more family oriented location where Mr. Mahar can still be found working, everyday. Both businesses still constantly rotate out the selection of beer and also have wine, coffee and soda as well. Since it opening Mahar's has been listed in Times Union, Beer Advocate, Maxim Magazine and Metroland."

It sounds like more than likely any chance to save the bar - described by many as a true UK-style pub in the Capital Region- has since passed, sadly. So, friends, may Mahar's RIP - again.

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