Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Petersburgh Woman and Delmar Man Dead after Selkirk Plane Crash

From the town of Bethlehem's website:

The Bethlehem Police Department continues to investigate the crash of a Cessna airplane that occurred on the CSX Railroad property in Selkirk on September 8, 2014. At approximately 4:50pm, the Bethlehem Police Department received several calls reporting the plane crash. The investigation has determined that the single engine Cessna plane had just taken off from the South Albany Airport prior to crashing into a car hauler rail train car at CSX Railroad. Both occupants of the plane are deceased. The pilot, has been identified as Nancy B. Gertzberg, 61, of Petersbugrh, New York. The co-pilot and flight instructor has been identified as Allan B. Richter, 48, of Delmar, New York. 

The Bethlehem Police Department continues to investigative this incident with the assistance of the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Airline Administration, the Federal Railroad Administration, and CSX officials. Representatives of all investigating agencies, as well as the Selkirk Fire Department will remain on the scene throughout the day today to continue this investigation.

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