Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Save East Greenbush Attorney Issues Statement to Town ZBA Regarding Casino

East Greenbush, NY (September 23, 2014). Save East Greenbush attorney Jeff Meyer issued a letter today to the East Greenbush Zoning Board of Appeals regarding the casino developers attempt to alter the Comprehensive Zoning Law to accommodate the casino developers attempt to build in a Residential Buffer Zone. 

Jeff Meyer: “The Zoning Law…lists in no uncertain terms those particular uses that are permitted in the [Residential Buffer] zone. The allowed uses in this zone are clearly limited to low intensity residential uses, period. To permit an extensive commercial development in a residential zone is blatantly prohibited by the Zoning Law and will be challenged in court.” 

Save East Greenbush residents were out in full force at the Capital District Gaming Commission Public Hearingon Monday and asserted that they were resolute in their opposition to the proposed casino in in their town.

“We’ll stop fighting the moment they walk away,” said volunteer Cara Benson. “One of the signs someone made for their lawn said: ‘Not Here. Not Ever.’ I think that about sums it up.”

Tonight is a Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing in East Greenbush. The group’s attorney and several residents are expected to attend. 

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