Friday, September 26, 2014

Troy's New Donut Shop Will Open to the Public on Monday

New Doughnut Shop in Historic Downtown Troy Offers Potato Based Doughnuts With Some Surprising Flavors and Local Sourced Ingredients.

OPENING DAY: Monday, September 29th, 2014 at 6:00 AM 461 Broadway | Troy, New YorkRIBBON CUTTING: Tuesday, October 1st at 9:00AM | 461 Broadway | Troy, New York

On Monday, September 29thNibble Inc. will be open for business to satisfy the yearnings of a doughnut craving public. What started as a small catering company, Nibble Inc. is now expanding to a storefront featuring homemade doughnuts made with love, organic and local ingredients whenever possible, and potatoes. Yes, potatoes. (Though skeptical at first trust this one -- potatoes make really tasty doughnuts.) They will also use beer in many of their recipes. Local beer. What's not to love? Oh, and they will have gluten-free options. They don't taste like cardboard. In fact, they are quite delicious!
“Well, we read somewhere that the key to happiness is owning a doughnut shop.” Says 
Jessie Cramer, Co-Owner of Nibble Inc. “We also decided that partnering with small local businesses would make us stronger. We believe that if we all support each other, our spirit will be contagious, and will draw people from all over to come and experience Troy. We have so much talent and quality products in our region...why would we go anywhere else?”

In this spirit, Nibble Inc. will be featuring doughnuts produced with ingredients and products sourced from local and regional producers. Current project partners include: Honey from beekeeper Lloyd SpearLemon Curd from Sweet SuesCoffee selections from The Daily GrindStacks Espresso Barand a low acid coffee blend from Lucy Jo's Coffee RoasteryBeer from Rare Form Brewing Company and Brown's Brewing CoApple Juice from Collar City Hard PressedPeanut Butter from the Peanut Principle. And, last but not least, the bathroom soaps will be custom donut scented blends that change on a monthly basis thanks to T & J Soaps!

Tuesday's Ribbon Cutting event will be overseen by the Erin Pihlaja of the Troy BID in conjunction with the Troy MayorLou Rosamilia.

The shop will be set up in Downtown Troy at the former locations of Francesca's, a popular local cafe that was a staple of the downtown food offering for over a decade.

"I have tremendous confidence that Downtown Troy will embrace Jessie, Jackie and Michael. I could not be more proud of these three remarkable people for all the hard work they have put into their business just by transforming the space into this serene spot where people will be lining up to taste their delicious doughnut, me included. Cheers to Nibble Inc... how Troy wakes up everyday." Francesca Tutunjian

Local benefit nights are also in the works every month corresponding withTroy Night Out (TNO). A portion of proceeds from those evenings will go to a sponsored cause.

Regular Business Hours: 6:00am to 1:00pm Monday through Friday  9:00am to 2:00pm Saturday

Nibble Inc. invites you to come on down to the shop for breakfast, coffee breaks, or any pressing snacking needs. Invite a friend. Share a story. And as always...'Enjoy Troy.'

Nibble Inc is a local source, gourmet, hand made doughnut shop. Nibble is committed to working with local and regionally sourced ingredients to provide a unique doughnut experience. Behind the counter, you'll meet Jessie Cramer, who began Nibble Inc Baking Co in early 2014. The business catered desserts for private events and local restaurants like Finnbar's Pub.Michael Cunningham, is the chef who helped open Finnbar's with a focus on locally sourced homemade food and now co-owner of Nibble Inc's doughnut shop. He's been in the food business for the last 12 years, but locals may recognize him as Brown's Malt Room front man.

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