Thursday, September 25, 2014

Troy Housing Authority A High Performer Three Years In A Row

(Troy, NY – September 25, 2014) For the third year in a row the Troy Housing Authority was designated a High Performer by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Each year all housing authorities are evaluated on their Physical Appearance, Financial Status, Management Operations and Capital Fund Program Performance.  Housing Authorities achieving a score of 90 or better are deemed High Performers by HUD. On September 22, 2014 the Troy Housing Authority received a score of 92 from HUD for Fiscal Year Ending (FYE) 12/31/13.  The Housing Authority also received a score of 92 for FYE 12/31/12 and a score of 95 for FYE 12/31/11. 
            “This is a direct result of our transition from a centralized operation to site based management,” said Dan Crawley, Executive Secretary of the Troy Housing Authority.  Under site based management each location has designated staff, including an Asset Manager.  Residents feel more connected to administration and staff take on more responsibility for assuring each site operates effectively.  “Our High Performer status demonstrates that our on-site staff are operating their sites in the manner that HUD intended; we have assembled a very competent and capable group of Asset Managers to help us carry out our mission,” continued Crawley. 
            Site based staff are supported by Housing Authority Administration, in what HUD calls the Central Office.  Central Office staff provide an array of management and financial services that add to efficient operations and help achieve and maintain High Performer Status.  “With everyone working together the sites managed by the Troy Housing Authority have become among the best in the nation at providing safe, decent and affordable housing,” added Patrick Russo, Troy Housing Authority Board Chair.  “Under the direction of Deborah Witkowski the financial operations of the Troy Housing Authority have become vastly improved, concluded Russo.
“Being designated as a High Performer for a third consecutive year says a lot about the quality of the entire team at the Troy Housing Authority,” said Troy Mayor Lou Rosamilia. “On behalf of the City of Troy, I would not only like to congratulate Troy Housing Authority on this achievement, but also thank its employees for their hard work and dedication.”

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