Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Officials' Responses to the Nassau Dewey Loeffel Recent Issues

Gibson statement on secret Dewey Loeffel settlement

Washington, DC – Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-19) joined local officials in expressing anger over the failure by state and federal regulators to disclose faulty water tests performed at the Dewey Loeffel Superfund site in Nassau.

“Once again the people of Nassau and communities downstream of the Dewey Loeffel landfill are left wondering whether their health has been put at risk due to lax oversight,” said Congressman Gibson. “I stand with my neighbors in Rensselaer and Columbia Counties in demanding answers as to why these test results and the state’s settlement were never made public. We continue to call on New York State and the EPA to ensure remediation and monitoring are subject to the highest standards of safety and transparency. That work must also include a comprehensive public health study on the contents of the discharged water.”

Wednesday the Times Union reported details of a financial settlement between the state and a private lab over faulty water quality tests. Those details came to light following a request filed by the newspaper under the Freedom of Information Law.



Nassau, NY – September 24, 2014 – Along with many residents of the Capital District, I was shocked and appalled to read this morning’s front page story by the Albany Times Union, regarding undisclosed settlement of faulty lab results related to the Dewey Loeffel Toxic Waste Superfund Site.  I was outraged to learn none of this information was shared with the communities impacted and that the money related to this settlement appears to be headed somewhere else.

Allegations and concerns of a cover-up have already reached my office.  The way in which this deal was created, executed and remained undisclosed, needs to be investigated immediately by an independent entity.  I will be discussing this matter further with legal counsel.

I strongly agree with many of our residents that believe Nassau and surrounding communities are unable to have any confidence that the their health and safety is being protected by their state and federal governments. The incompetence displayed in all aspects of this situation is mind-blowing.

To complete this violation of public trust, the settlement involves sending money to another community. Not our community, where tens of millions of dollars in environmental damage has been done.

In light of this story, there are many that should be ashamed of themselves.  There are others that may want to get their own attorney.

LOEFFEL SITE:  Between 1952 until 1968, an estimated 46,000 tons of toxic industrial waste were dumped at the site.  EPA has already outlined that these wastes included industrial solvents, waste oil, PCBs, scrap materials, sludge and solids. Since 1980 until the site was added to the federal Superfund list in 2011, numerous investigations and cleanup actions were performed at the site by the polluters and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

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