Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What questions would you ask mayoral candidates?

With the Sept. 10 Democratic primary quickly approaching, we are putting together a list of questions on various issues in the city to send to all mayoral candidates.

We'll incorporate their answers into a series of stories before the primary and general elections, and also list their full answers online.

We have a working list of questions, but don't want to miss any important issues. So, what questions would you ask mayoral candidates? 

You can post ideas on the comments below, email me at, call 518-290-3941, or Tweet @mollyeadie/@troyrecord. We're looking to ask about a wide range of issues, including public safety, city finances, infrastructure, housing, recreation, current issues and more.

Some Reddit users have already kicked off the debate season and started a 12-question Ask Me Anything post, which all five candidates - Democrats Ernest Everett, Rodney Wiltshire and Patrick Madden, Republican Jim Gordon and independent candidate Jack Cox Jr. - have already answered. It can be found here.

There will not be any debates before the primary, however, candidates will be participating in an event at the YWCA at 21 First Street on Aug. 20 at noon to 1 p.m. At this event, the candidates will introduce themselves and discuss their priorities, and the audience will be invited to ask questions.

The event will be limited capacity, and individuals can RSVP by calling 518-274-7100 or emailing

I'm looking forward to seeing what Trojans want to know about the candidates.



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