Monday, December 15, 2014

Troy Legislators Call for Fair Representation for the Citizens of Troy

In an effort to correct legislative action that effectively denies the City of Troy any real say in County affairs, Minority legislators filed a resolution Wednesday to require the Rensselaer County Legislature to restore essential legislative counsel.

If passed, the bill would correct action taken by the Republican Majority in the Legislature that eliminated vital legal counsel for the Minority Legislative Office, yet retaining legal counsel for their own office. Since all six County Legislators from the City of Troy are members of the Minority Office, the Republican action deprives the people of the City of Troy of effective representation.

“While the Republican Majority continues to refuse the Minority Office of legal counsel, they are all supporting the denial of fair and effective representation for all citizens of Rensselaer County,” said Legislator Cynthia Doran.

The Minority Office represents one third of the County’s population.  “A minority office has a vital role at any level of government, providing the necessary checks and balances to ensure honesty and integrity in government”, stated Minority Leader, Peter Grimm.  

In Rensselaer County, the role of the minority is critical because both the executive and legislative branches of government have been under the control of one party for more than a decade.  The action of the Majority had only one purpose — to cripple dissent and oversight.

 “Although frequently disagreeing, Democrats and Republicans have collaborated productively on many issues.  Common sense and the County Charter provide for a viable Minority Office.  This position must be restored in fairness to the people we represent”, stated Legislator Len Welcome.

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