Monday, December 15, 2014

Save East Greenbush Group Plans to Attend Casino Decision Meeting on Wednesday in Albany

East Greenbush, NY (December 15, 2014). East Greenbush residents opposed to siting a casino in their community have mounted a “relentless” (WNYT) campaign in response to the flawed and controversial process that led to Capital View’s bid for a license. The grassroots group Save East Greenbush formed to advocate for the thousands of residents who “felt betrayed” by their own town government.

Spokesperson Cara Benson: “East Greenbush never should have been under consideration. The zoning is all wrong, the town has a high tax base, and clearly the majority of residents don’t want a casino here. Our town players tried to roll over us. We’re counting on the Gaming Facility Location Board to have integrity in its process.”

Save East Greenbush has two pending lawsuits in the State Supreme Court regarding Town and Zoning votes and over 3,250 signatures on the petition. The opposition has been consistently noted by the press and by the Gaming Facility Location Board. 

Save East Greenbush residents are available for interviews and plan to attend the December 17 meeting at Empire Plaza. 

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