Thursday, December 4, 2014

Made by Hand Event in Cohoes Saturday, December 6 at The Foundry for Art Design + Culture

Cohoes - If you’re an avid collector, or you simply appreciate quality and beauty, be sure to mark your calendar for December 6, for the 3rd annual Made by Hand Invitational at The Foundry for Art Design + Culture in Cohoes, New York.

Not to be confused with the myriad “craft fairs” that dot the capital region landscape in the holiday season, the Made by Hand Invitational is a unique, upscale shopping experience with 15 jury-selected artists and designers from across the region who have been selected according to the highest standards of excellence in quality workmanship.

Featuring fine hand-crafted new and compelling works in ceramics; silver, bronze, and copper; mixed media; decorative and wearable fiber; jewelry; paper; wood; and glass, the Made by Hand Invitational truly offers something for everyone.

The Made by Hand Invitational is the latest in an ongoing series of exhibitions, but as Alana Sparrow, Principal Founding Artist at The Foundry, notes, “Each piece represents an inspiring facet of the American spirit, transmitted from the artist's hands to yours.” One of the most compelling aspects of this show, she added, “is the opportunity visitors have to actually meet the artist who created the work. No gallery owners, no agents; just the artists and their art.”

Each year the event has attracted upwards 700 attendees from around the region that made over $14,000 in sales in the six hour event. "The economic impact that art and creativity have on this region is real, and Made by Hand is an excellent demonstration of this impact." said Sparrow.  

The Foundry strives to support access to exhibition, performance, educational and lecture opportunities to creatives working in all sectors of the creative industry, thus supporting the local econmy. The Foundry believes that quality, handmade fine craft strengthens the cultural, educational and economic vitality of local communities.

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