Friday, December 19, 2014

Teen Arraigned for Second-degree Murder of her 5-year-old Cousin

Danielle Sanzone
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KNOX- Tiffany VanAlstyne, 19, is alleged to have strangled her 5-year-old cousin to death and causing blunt force trauma Thursday, then throwing the boy over a guardrail in Knox and covering the body with snow, authorities said today.
Kenneth White's body was found Thursday night across the street from the 994 Thatcher Park Rd trailer residence by police with the assistance of a K9, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said.

"This was a tough one," said Apple.
During today's press conference, VanAlstyne was arraigned on felony second-degree murder.
Officials have said the investigation is ongoing and there could be further charges.
White lived at the residence with his legal guardian Brenda VanAlstyne and his two sisters- 4-year-old Christine and White's 5-year-old twin Chyanne.
White's parents do not live in the area. VanAlstyne is White's aunt.

It is unclear where the two girls were when the alleged murder took place.
Authorities said that Thursday morning the family went to the doctor for an appointment then went to a store to fill a prescription. They went back to the house in Knox then VanAlstyne and an unidentified 18-year-old went to the nearby school to drop off items for a party, Apple said.
White was purportedly killed by Tiffany VanAlstyne while her mother, Brenda, was at the school.
A motive has not been determined, officials said.
"This is heart-wrenching," said Apple. "I have three boys, and I'm going to go home and hug them. There are cases that stick with you through your entire career. This is one of those cases."
An amber alert was issued yesterday when Tiffany VanAlstyne called 911 and reported White was abducted by two masked men.
Apple said things started to not add up during questioning and it was found that her story was false.
White was found that night and Tiffany VanAlstyne was arrested and arraigned Friday.
Agencies working on the case include State Police, US Marshals, the Albany County District Attorney's office, and the Albany County Sheriff's Office.
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