Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rosamilia: Charter Commission moving forward

TROY, NY – Mayor Lou Rosamilia has announced that the City of Troy is moving forward with plans to create a city charter commission. The group will be tasked with taking a comprehensive look into the city’s charter in order to identify improvements that can be made within the document, which will help city leaders to ensure future effectiveness and efficiency. The last time significant changes to the charter were adopted was November 6, 1973.

“With the exception of select changes that have been achieved through local laws, Troy’s governing document has long remained unchanged,” said Mayor Rosamilia. “An all-inclusive review of the charter will allow us to enhance procedural issues, clarify ambiguities and make additional updates that reflect the point in time that we are at as a city.”

The charter commission will be comprised of nine Troy residents, primarily with experience in law and finance. Mayor Rosamilia will select five members of the commission, and is soliciting recommendations by City Council of individuals to fill the remaining four seats. Rosamilia will ultimately appoint all nine members to the bipartisan commission.

A final list of all members serving on the commission will be announced on Friday, January 23.

Once changes are identified by the charter commission, Troy residents will vote on a ballot referendum in November’s General Election. If passed, the proposed changes to the charter will go into effect on January 1, 2016.

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