Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kopka and Sullivan-Teta issue second report on demolitions

City Council members Lynn Kopka and Erin Sullivan-Teta, both D-At Large, said they do not support the final city council report on the demolition and code hearings, and give other recommendations in another report.

Like the other report, supported by Council President Rodney Wiltshire, Council members Ken Zalewski (D-District 5), Bob Doherty (D-District 4) and Anastasia Robertson (D-District 2), this report does not comment on criminal fault. Kopka and Sullivan-Teta don't discuss the events investigated in the hearings -- demolition work at King Street and King Fuels, the code enforcement's eviction notice placed on 51 3rd Street -- just recommendations going forward.

Their primary recommendation is for the city the follow existing state law and procedures for demolitions.

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