Monday, January 26, 2015

Council's demolition and code report

After six hearings between April and September interviewing 23 people, the city council has issued a report with their findings of the King Fuels and King St. demolitions, and code enforcement actions at 51 King Street.

The council also recommends several policy and procedural changes in regard to demolitions, code enforcement, and communication within the city.

Mayor Lou Rosamilia said this afternoon he hasn't yet read the report, pointing out it was issued months later than expected. He said there had been conversations to make changes in demolitions procedures, but nothing formal. He wouldn't yet comment on any details or recommendations in the report.

In the report, the council doesn't comment on criminal charges: they said they'd leave that up to law enforcement agencies. The report does criticize the administration for lack of communication, which led to breaches of public safety.

"...we uncovered a systemic and integral set of failures and patterns that have led to the three events which were the topics of the hearings," the report reads. "The first step toward improving processes and avoiding recurrences of these breaches in public safety is the admission and acknowledgement of mistakes."

On the council's website, you can find the audio files and transcripts of the testimony. The last three links, one for each of the issues investigated, include relevant photos, videos, letters and other documents.

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