Friday, June 19, 2015

Retired Truck Driver Wins $635,000 Verdict Against Manager of Fulton Speedway and Race Car Driver

 An Onondaga County jury awarded the sum of $635,000 to Frederick Knight Thursday for serious injuries he suffered in September of 2009 at Fulton Speedway. Knight, of DeWitt, is a 75-year-old retired truck driver. At the time of the accident, Knight was in the “pit area” behind the race track, waiting to watch his son race later that evening, when he was struck by a race car moving in reverse. Knight’s lawsuit named Circle L LLC, the corporate manager of Fulton Speedway, and the driver of the car that struck him as defendants. He claimed that the race track owners were negligent for not having a designated traffic pattern in an area known to have pedestrians walking through it, and that the driver was negligent for driving too fast in reverse.

Knight’s attorney, Timothy Murphy of the law firm of Hancock Estabrook, said, “Mr. Knight was forced to endure seven different surgical procedures and was in the hospital for almost three months as a result of the accident. He suffered a broken right hip that required surgery and, as a result of multiple subsequent infections, is now confined to a wheelchair.” 

“Fred is thrilled about the outcome of the trial,” said Murphy. “The jury did an excellent job of determining the facts in this case and we are very pleased that they found in favor of Fred after all that he has been through."

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