Monday, June 8, 2015

Cohoes Mayoral Candidate Says Library Vote Plan is not "Clear-Cut"

COHOES, N.Y. (June 6, 2015) — Shawn Morse, Democratic candidate for Mayor of Cohoes, has released the following statement ahead of the June 9 vote to create a tax district for the Cohoes Public Library.

“The Cohoes Public Library provides us with important resources for educating our youth, and fostering creativity and intellectual growth in our community. The quality of our library services are key to maintaining an integrated and informed community dedicated to progress and development. By investing in our Library, we are investing in our future, and taking strides toward bringing in new jobs and making Cohoes a better city for families.”

“Although the Library has operated with less funding in recent years, it still continues to provide our community with an array of robust programs and services that give patrons free opportunities for education and enrichment. In order for our library to be capable of providing us with the classes, services, and materials we rely on it for, we must come up with a plan to create a stable, sustainable source of funding. In addition, there must be a clear purpose and attainable set of goals for spending that money.”

“The Library’s Board of Trustees has put forth a voter initiative that would enable the Library to set its own taxes in order to meet the needs of its employees and patrons. While I understand the Library’s desire for independence and expansion of its programs, appropriating additional taxpayer money without a clear-cut, comprehensive plan to implement the funds would be inadvisable. In addition to my lack of confidence in the Library’s plan for appropriating said new fees, I do not see the Library’s current location as sustainable. The building is in need of various repairs, and is inefficient to maintain and heat during the winter months. I would like to explore opportunities to provide the Library with a more appropriate building.”

“Providing Cohoes with the best public services available will always be of my utmost concern, and that includes ensuring that our Library is properly funded and maintained. The Library opened many doors to knowledge and learning for me when I was growing up in Cohoes, and today it is giving the residents of Cohoes brand new windows of opportunity. As Mayor, I look forward to restoring a sustainable, fully equipped Library for the entire City of Cohoes to enjoy.”

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