Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tierra Farm Inaugural Giving Campaign Distributes $15,000 to Local Nonprofits

Valatie, NY (March 3, 2015) –– Tierra Farm, an employee-owned, certified organic manufacturer and distributor of nuts and dried fruits, is pleased to announce an annual giving program that recognizes local nonprofits for the vital services they provide to the community.

This year’s inaugural program awards $14,900 to the following organizations for their dedication to maintaining the health, safety and cultural fabric of the village of Valatie and greater Columbia County:

• Valatie Rescue Squad, $2,500
• Valatie Fire Department, $2,500
• Valatie Community Theatre, $2,500
• Columbia County Youth Baseball, $1,200
• Valatie Economic Redevelopment Association, $1,200
• Tendhai Buddhist Center, Canaan, $5,000

The annual community donation program was inspired by Tierra Farm’s core values of integrity, relationship building and fair business practices. This philosophy, which promotes high-quality working conditions and outstanding benefits for the company’s employees, also drives Tierra Farm’s commitment to give back to the community that has served it well in the last decade.

(check presentation with Valatie Rescue Squad)

“Columbia County has always welcomed us with open arms, and we wanted to set up an annual program that shows our appreciation,” said Darren Grout, CEO of Tierra Farm.

With the support of the community, Tierra Farm now employs 60 people in Columbia County, from eight when it opened its Valatie operations 10 years ago. Another 25 people work at Tierra Farm’s Madison Theater Complex in Albany. Tierra Farm also owns the Valatie Bar and Grill. Its two latest ventures, “The Lodge” clothing store in Valatie and a vegetarian café/bakery at the farm, both plan late spring openings.

Moreover, in keeping with the company’s spirit of healthy eating and living and its longstanding practice of buying directly from growers, Tierra Farm is working with the village of Valatie to open a farmer’s market this year. The farmer’s market will allow residents to purchase food and other products directly from local farms and retailers.

Gunther Fishgold, president of Tierra Farm, encourages other local companies to adopt a charitable philosophy as a means for creating a more sustainable economy.

“We not only want to help these essential service groups,” Fishgold said, “but we’d like to see other businesses ease individual tax burdens by donating to these organizations instead of relying on local taxes to support them.” 

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