Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cohoes Councilman Not Seeking Re-Election Due to "Personal Attacks", "Hostile Environment" on Council

Cohoes Common Council Member Fred Turcotte announced today that he will not run for re-election. He cites "personal attacks" and a "hostile environment" on the Common Council.

This is his full statement:

After much thought, I have decided not to run for re-election in the Second Ward.  Recent changes in leadership on the Common Council have led to a very negative, and hostile environment that I do not want to be a party to.  Since the change in Council leadership, I’ve seen only ego-driven, self-serving, spiteful, attacks on the current administration. This is not how I operate, I am not driven by any political aspirations.  Furthermore, I cannot condone the personal attacks, that are taking place from within our Common Council.  There are better, more professional, ways to enact change and improve performance.   I do not believe that this type of behavior can result in positive change for the city moving forward.  We’ve worked too hard, for too long, in an effort to shine a positive light on our city.  The perception of our city is much improved in the Capital District because of this joint effort, and this type of behavior will only erode that hard work.

Another reason for my decision is that I am a strong believer in term limits for ALL elected officials at every level of government.  I think if we had term limits, we could eliminate a large percentage of the corruption we now see at every level.  The abuse of campaign funds, even if not illegal, is totally unethical, immoral, and wrong.  Not to mention the real chargeable corruption.  Term limits could also help improve the dysfunction of government.  Career politicians making every decision based on the next election cycle is self-serving and an ineffective way to govern and lead.

I am a business owner, my only reason for running for office in the first place was to bring positive change to the city.  I wanted to further help the turn-around in the City of Cohoes, that  I was already participating in behind the scenes for years.  I served in unpaid positions on the IDA and CLDC for years before running for office.  I am a strong supporter of the community, and have given back to virtually every community organization that walked through my business door for 25 years.  The PATRICIA A. TURCOTTE SCHOLARSHIP FUND has given out over $23,000 in cash awards to local high school seniors and organizations since the 2004 death of my wife.

Many good things have happened in the city since I opened my business here 25 years ago.  Hopefully, I helped in some small way to move the city forward.   It’s time for a fresh look at how to improve the Second Ward, my only hope is that whoever runs,  does it for the right reasons.  I have no respect for self-serving,  “wanna-be” career  politicians,  looking for a paycheck and a pension.  The city needs a positive atmosphere and people working together to keep the successful run going that we’ve enjoyed over the last 16 years.  There is still a lot of work to be done.

Fred Turcotte
2nd. Ward Common Council Member
City of Cohoes

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  1. In the overall scheme of things, Fred, you did well. The council self imploded for many reasons and most are political. The council doesn't hold anyone accountable and doesn't act as an equal branch of government in Cohoes. It is well known one member isn't hanging his hat where he supposedly lives and this wasn't even challenged., everyone continues to look the other way. that is a problem shared by everyone. I give you credit for making public the council being what I have said all along. Dysfunctional, but its been that way for years.