Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Napier Announces “See Click Fix” Walking Tour

Cohoes-Common Council Candidate Steve Napier announced Tuesday that he will be embarking on a walking tour of Cohoes’ Fifth Ward to highlight his support for Cohoes implementing the “See Click Fix” public works reporting system.

“People have been telling me for months, I have a problem and no one is listening” said Napier. “With See Click Fix, citizens can report their needs to the city, and the city has the opportunity to publicly show those citizens that they are listening and taking action.”

Napier plans to take the system to the streets as a tangible example of how he thinks the city and elected officials can use modern technology to more effectively address the day-to-day needs of the city.

“These are the types of issues people deal with on a daily basis. When people are constantly in debt to the neighborhood repair shop because their streets are in disrepair, they want to feel like their voice is being heard. This system creates that opportunity.”

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